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Positivity / Positive Psychology


Taking our science, knowledge and arts about positive psychology, states, feelings and experiences to the next level-- to scientifically explore, elucidate, codify, and create a unified, interwoven, integrated paradigm which collects together existing models so as to evolve a useful, practical Positive Science which spawns a collection of tools, technologies and techniques for optimizing human and social functioning, performance, health and happiness.

In a world where there are hundreds of thousands of studies and meetings on what is negative, on what to move away from and eliminate, experts on what's wrong-- we need a positive vision-- somewhere and something to move towards. We need to create a science of things positive-- of Positivity.

This page's  goal is to get similar minded people connecting, talking, sharing ideas and energies about what works, about the Positive Sciences fields-- from psychology and psychoneuroimunology to anthropology, neurobiology, physiology, education, technology, the arts, entertainment, sociology, medicine, spirituality. We need to do with the positive arts and sciences what has been done with computers, software and new technologies-- create commercial incubators for companies which make a viable business of compassion, caring, happiness, fun, etc.

How far can we go with positive approaches? can we heal anger, depression, anxiety, fear, etc by solely teaching positive behaviors, responses, actions, strategies? Or can we boost the strength of interventions based on treating pathology by adding positive approaches? We know so little about how far positive efforts alone can go. This is worth exploring.

"A man is like a bit of Labrador spar, which has no lustre as you turn it in your hand until you come to a particular angle; then it shows deep and beautiful colors. There is no adaptation or universal applicability in men, but each has his special Talent, and the mastery of Successful men consists in adroitly keeping themselves where and when that turn shall be oftenest to be practiced." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Articles and Resources on this Website

The Happiness Response by Rob Kall

Your positive experiences and the good feelings those experiences produce are your most valuable assets, your greatest treasures. These positive experiences, PEs for short, are the basic building blocks for your most valuable inner strengths. They give you the ability to face adversity, enthusiastically meet challenges, feel good and confident about yourself. These are the cherished possessions which enable you to love and to be loved to be happy and have fun, to be caring, committed, courageous, and willing to take risks.

So it makes sense to build skills in all aspects of positive experiences and good feelings. That's the goal of this book-- to pass on to you what I've learned working with well over 1000 clients, students, workshop participants, psychologists, psychiatrists, students executives, athletes and health care workers. Some came with complaints, symptoms and diagnoses, more came with just an interest in learning how to get more out of life, more out of the good experiences they were already encountering.

The varieties of Positive Experiences (PEs) include not just times when you are happy and have fun. but also those character building events where you experience pain or adversity, yet you find the inner strength to persevere and ultimately to make things better.
the blue links are free sample chapters.

buy a digital version ofTHE HAPPINESS RESPONSE and get it immediately by downloading for $10.00 Buy now

First Chapter:  Happiness Is a Skill by Rob Kall Chapter 2 Heartwarming; Chapter  3   How and why we feel. Chapter  4  The anatomy of the positive  experience; an operating manual Chapter 5  WHOLE BODY SMILING Chapter 6 Positive Perceptual Filtering. Taking Control of Creating A Positive Attitude and A Positive Way to See the World,  Self Regulation of selective perceptual filtering. Chapter  7  Build a Positive Experience Memory Bank Chapter   8  Clone Your Best Moments Chapter   9  Identify and Eliminate Your Happiness Inhibitors  Chapter 10 Turning Chaos Into Opportunity; Facing Adversity, Problems and Flaws Chapter 11 Steer Stress in the Right Direction Chapter 12  Be Your Own Best Friend; Straighten out your self talk and behavior Chapter 13 Map Your Happiness Strategy Chapter 14  Healing with the Happiness Response Chapter 15 Happiness and Positive Experience in Your Bottom Line; at work, in business Last Chapter: The Future of Feelings A chapter describing the future of feelings from a positivity, positive psychology point of view The KPEI (Kall Positive Experience Inventory)  a partial list of experiences, behaviors, memories, observations imaginings and fantasies that are heartwarming, uplifting, energizing, or that make people feel good, happy, ecstatic, joyful, confident, strong, loved, capable, masterful, exuberant, euphoric, thrilled, excited, inspired, etc.  Use this list to open your eyes to and widen your view of PE opportunities. Use it to explore your positive experience memory (PEM) treasures to create a PEM Library. Practitioners use it to help clients recall past positive experiences and to help identify patterns of activity or neglect. EL INVENTARIO DE EXPERIENCIAS POSITIVAS EN ESPAOL (KPEI in Spanish)

buy a digital version ofTHE HAPPINESS RESPONSE and get it immediately by downloading for $10.00 Buy now



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We offer a great selection of audio and video tapes from our Optimal Functioning and Winter Brain Meetings.

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