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                  Paraspinal EMG                                Kinesiological EMG  


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Practice Marketing and Promotion            Neurofeedback

Futurehealth has been working with chiropractors since the mid 1980's, providing sEMG/ , paraspinal assessment, Kinesiological assessment, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback / EEG Biofeedback technology, training and meetings. We have more years of expertise in these areas than any vendor in the industry.  

Before you buy, call us to chat.   Futurehealth, Inc. 215-504-1700 or

Some resources we offer:

sEMG Lectures & Workshops
Chiropractic Surface EMG: Paraspinal Static & Dynamic assessment/scanning
Foundations of Surface EMG and EMG Biofeedback video course
Chiropractic Biofeedback (article which originally appeared in Chiropractic Journal)
Standalone Surface EMG Instruments.
Neuromuscular Rehab sEMG for PT/OT Neurology, Physiatry
Stress Check Biofeedback Business Cards:great practice promotion items people keep forever
Disposable Electrodes and Supplies
Quotations on Muscle
Quotations on Balance


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