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Biofeedback Central

Biofeedback Central is our approach to organizing all the biofeedback related pages on our website


Futurehealth has been innovating, developing, integrating and selling biofeedback technology for the biofeedback field for 27+ years.  You'll find books, a vast collection of DVDs, CDs and MP3s from our popular Winter Brain Conferences.  There are articles, announcements of meetings and biofeedback workshops and training, plus 100s of free abstracts from past biofeedback meetings.  

We have information on biofeedback/neurofeedback systems, stand-alone instruments, low cost personal biofeedback training products and other biofeedback devices to perform thermal biofeedback, GSR biofeedback, skin conductance biofeedback, EMG/muscle biofeedback, pulse/heart rate biofeedback, photoplethysmograph biofeedback, all at the best prices.  In addition, we offer accessories, supplies and everything related to biofeedback. 

"The power to heal is within you. Your body can heal itself. Just give it a chance."     
Andrew Weil

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